Our door opening to the world


Our Center: 
International Center was established in September, 2014, by virtue of unification of two formerly seperate units, namely, "EU and International Relations Office" and "International Students Office", with the aim of escalating their contribution to internationalization which has been adopted as one of the main pillars of Atılım University's strategic development plan.


As the definiton of International Center's mission was put as "To contribute to international integration of Atılım University in education, research and community services", the new organization has been reinforced by newly recruited specialists to team up with the experienced staff already in charge.   


Besides fulfilling it's primary duties as promoting the university's brand internationally and boosting the awareness globally; enhancing the scope, number and quality of international partnerships; increasing the number of incoming students along with ascending diversity; availing our ongoing students and university staff of international exchange programs, notably Erasmus+, and motivating them in that way; follow up and implementation of formal procedures for incoming students and staff; and doing all by performing at the highest quality standards, International Center aims to play an active role in internationalization of university and campus as well. 


Publicity and Information

As being a unit of Atılım University which conducts the international publicity of university's brand, International Office informs the interested people about the programs and opportunities offered by the university; provides advising on administrative issues and answers the questions they have. 


Student Affairs

International Center fulfills all the procedures pertaining to prospective or ongoing full time international students of any degree (BSc, MSc, PhD), and those procedures pertaining to transfer or exchange students from the application to the leaving. IC facilitates the coordination with other relevant units of the university to that end. 



At the beginning of each semester, IC organizes orientation programs in order to ease the adaptation of incoming new undergraduate and graduate students to a new country, city, culture and academic system. A similar program is offered to those late-coming international students and staff following their arrival on campus. 

Sessions and activities address the main issues as such;

- Getting settled and living in Ankara, campus life at Atılım and hints for an easier adaptation
- Security warnings
- Semester registration and adding/dropping the courses
- Academic System in Turkey and Atılım University, basic rules and applications
- Visa, residence permit and work permit regulations in force
- Health services and insurance
- Student perspectives on student life at Atılım
- Campus Tour
- Information on resources of student guidance


Advising and Assistance

IC provides non-academic advising to both incoming and outgoing international students and staff on a wide range of issues they may face through application, registration, studying and leaving phases at the university. IC makes best-use of the resources at hand to assist and help them overcoming difficulties.


Semester Activities

International Center conducts a mentorship programme in order to ease the adaptation of incoming internetional students; collects the opinion and suggestions of them and locates their needs via periodical student meetings, and toils to increase student involvement in decision making processes.


Within this frame, our Center organizes and implements extracurricular activities either to enhance the international experiences, or to provide social, cultural, or academic cohesion of our incoming international students.


International Staff Assistance

IC helps full time international staff employed at Atılım University and incoming or outgoing exchange staff fulfill their formal and administrative procedures to move and get settled.


Office Hours

IC serves between 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-18:00 weekdays, except official holidays and extraordinary closures.


Live Support

IC offers live support services on 3 web sites it's mastering. Visitors can transmit their questions or messages to us by clicking the box placed on the right bottom corners of the main pages. Entries made out of office hours will be replied by our operators within 24 hours-max.


7/24 Emergency Support

IC offers an Emergency Support service to all international students and staff of Atılım University, available every day and time while they're in an urgent need. The person in need can call the mobile number below, or if not available at the time, can text to the same number, or drop an e-mail message to the address below.  In any case, we'll turn back to the petitioner within 8 hours-max.


Tel/SMS: +90 530 373 5428

e-mail: ic@atilim.edu.tr