General Information

Our University

Atilim University was founded by the Atilim Foundation on 15 July 1997 to serve as a Foundation University in the capacity of a legal entity pursuant to the provisions of Law no. 2547 concerning the Foundation of Higher Education Institutes.

The objective of Atilim University is to raise individuals who are highly skilled in “information access” and “information use”, knowledgeable and experienced in professional matters, environmentally friendly, researcher, dynamic, sensitive to national and international issues, brave in competitive environments, engaged in international environments, eager to protect artistic, cultural and historical values.

A Campus University

Atilim University is located on 250 acres of land in Incek which is one of the most recent and fastest developing residential areas of Ankara. The campus contains faculty buildings, laboratories, conference halls, basketball and volleyball courts, a gymnasium, tennis courts, a condition hall, a swimming pool, fine cafeterias and restaurants and recreation areas where outdoor activities are also organized.

By preferring Atilim University, you will make the most of:

• Receiving undergraduate and graduate education in English,

• The opportunity to learn second foreign language,

Being aware of the importance of delivering education in English, Atilim University provides the opportunity to learn second foreign language for the students who to live and work abroad and are not content with one foreign language. 

Students may learn French, German, Russian and Spanish by taking elective courses.

• The physical and systematic structure necessitated by the synthesis of “teaching”, research and “culture” which are the three fundamental elements of the concept of university.

• The opportunity to conduct research projects with instructors during their undergraduate education within the scope of Undergraduate Research Project and financial support offered to our students in scientific/artistic/cultural projects and organizations,

• Educational programs in compliance with international standards (ABET and MUDEK),

• The competent staff consisting of 429 academicians offering outstanding educational service,

• The opportunity to share the same educational environment with 8543 students,

• The opportunity to have lectures in small classes and thus more active involvement in the learning process,

• Modern laboratories equipped with the latest technology,

• The opportunity to establish one-to-one communication with instructors and a real educational and discussion atmosphere supported with various social activities,

• The opportunity to connect the internet through the wireless network service in all indoor and outdoor areas of the campus,

• The opportunity experience a multicultural educational atmosphere with international students from more than 50 countries,

• Atilim University provides overseas education opportunity to its students thanks to student/academician exchange programs and cooperation with more than 50 universities.

• Scholarship opportunities aiming to promote and reward success,

• Transfer opportunity:

Making the right choice is important to reach your target in a short time. However, we may need a second chance as a result of the factors that we overlook. Atilim University gives a second chance to its students with transfer opportunity on the basis of definite quotas.

• Double major, minor programs:

Academic success makes inroads into being awarded with two diplomas or certificates at the same time. At Atilim University, the students who show high academic performance will have the chance to be awarded with the second diploma.

• Internship opportunities and advantages:

Supporting theoretical knowledge with practice is a key factor for being one step ahead in business life after graduation. The Directorate of Career Planning and Alumni Affairs concludes cooperation agreements with the national and international leading companies and organizations to provide our students with a chance to practice their theoretical and applied education in business life.

• Counseling services;

The counselors to guide you should know you well and be well aware of expectations, competencies and targets. Atilim University makes its students ready for the future with reliable counselors who are supporting and guiding their development.

• 93% of employment:

Atilim University prefers English as the medium of instruction and supports students’ theoretical knowledge with practices and thus “leaves its mark on the future” thanks to the achievements of its graduates. The graduates of Atilim University find a job within six months in the highly competitive environment and they make an impact on the business world thanks to the quality education given at Atilim University.

• The opportunity to take shuttles to access the campus of Atilim University which is 20kms from city center and 6kms from the ring road,

• The opportunity to engage in sports activities at outdoor swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts,

The advantages of studying at a peaceful and warm university atmosphere in touch with the nature in Incek which is a favorite neighborhood in the capital city.


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