Health Facilities


Directorate of Health Services, Atilim University is located in the Faculty of Engineering, Block C, 2nd Floor.

With its 3 examination rooms and 4-bed observation room, the Directorate of Health Services offers almost all kinds of health services including day-case inpatient treatment, routine examinations, diagnosis and treatment procedures, employment and periodical examinations of personnel members, dressing, injection and osmotherapy. Our directorate also evaluates electrocardiography results and prescribes medication accordingly. The Directorate of Health Services provides health services to 7000 patients in average with 4 personnel members including 1 expert and experienced occupational physician, 2 emergency medical technicians and 1 janitor. Our students and staff may benefit from the services between 09.00am and 6.00pm every weekday.

Our directorate organizes trainings and conferences in order to raise the awareness of the members of Atilim University in below given subjects:

- First aid and emergency treatment,

- Seasonal diseases

- Conscious use of drugs and antibiotics

- Important diseases

The patients are transferred to nearest hospitals by the full-fledged ambulance of our directorate for further examination and treatment within working hours, if it is deemed to be necessary during and after the first response.



To conduct protective and preventive health care studies and provide necessary first step health care services in order to maintain physical, mental and social wellness of our administrative and academic staff and students,

To manage diagnosis and treatment expenses,

To minimize the loss of time and contribute the continuity of trainings and health care services as a result of the prevention and treatment of health issues.


CORE VALUES         


We always approach our patients with love and respect. HUMAN FIRST philosophy is important than anything for us.

We always keep our innovative and researcher spirit alive.

We benefit from all means to do our job in the best way within ethical and deontological codes.

Team spirit is indispensable for us.

We are always in the pursuit of development, learning and improvement.

Our health services are reliable and high quality.

We approach our patients without any discrimination and prejudice.

We attach importance to cleaning and hygiene.



The students, academic and administrative staff who will benefit from the services of our Directorate must complete registration procedures at the Patient Registration counter by submitting their university identity card. After the registration procedures, patients are taken to examination room to be examined by our competent and experienced occupational physician in company with an emergency medical technician.

Patients are informed about the results of their examination and the process is finalized by applying the appropriate treatment method agreed by the Physician and the Patient.

Treatment procedures (intramuscular and intravenous injections) are conducted in the 4-bed Patient Observation Room of our Directorate by the help of latest technology devices and equipment.




Directorate of Health Services, Atilim University is located on the -2nd Floor, Block C, the Faculty of Engineering.

Kızılcaşar Mah. 06830 İNCEK – Atilim University, Faculty of Engineering, Block C -2nd Floor GÖLBAŞI / ANKARA 


Patient Registration:

+90 312 586 83 89
+90 312 586 82 75

Ambulance Hotline:

+90 312 586 83 89

Counseling Hotline:

+90 312 586 83 85